Saying goodbye :(

Saying good-bye and moving on is sometimes hard and all those things can make the move even harder.  EV will manage this entire process for you from getting your property up to standard to end the lease or sell, right through to re-directing your mail.  We’ll also cancel any memberships, rehome any pets that can’t go with you, sell or donate any unwanted furniture or goods and of course arrange for your utilities to be disconnected or redirected. Imagine it all done with just one phone call to us!

Which school is one of hardest decisions!

Finding the right daycare, kindergarten, school, university or college for your children is one of the biggest decisions when relocating.  

EV guides you through this decision by providing you with the right information relevant to your families situation.


Once we know your needs and wants, we will sit down with you and present the best options.  We will take you on a tour of the shortlisted daycares/kindergartens/schools/universities (where permitted) and introduce you to the right contact person to answer all your questions.  We will also help with asking the right questions and completing all that application paperwork!


At EV we think out of the box and if you are looking for education options that are not mainstream or options that can manage gifted, talented, special needs or disabled children, we can help with that too!

Keep calm and enjoy your new home

Finding your new home is a big job and an important one!  The right home can make you feel secure and settled and reduce some of the stress of a relocation.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, you can waste a lot of time trawling the internet and dealing with real estate agents, a often only to hit dead ends.

At EV we maintain relationships with local real estate agents to ensure we are always kept up to date with the latest listings and those properties that are not listed yet.  We also maintain our own database of properties that are not advertised anywhere and are available to our clients.

To find your dream home our experienced relocation consultant will work one on one with you through the entire end to end process.  You’ll enjoy inspecting homes with your relocation consultant, who has scheduled and booked the entire day.  Once you select that perfect home we will help you with your application and lease/contract of sale (if required).  We will also perform the entry condition report for you if you wish!  So if you’re not familiar with the real estate process, we will be there with you every step of the way.

And the icing on the cake is that we will arrange for all of your utilities to be connected for your move in day.


Maybe you’re stuck for time or can’t make it to your new location to view properties before you arrive? Not a problem! With the “leave it to us” home search we do everything for you before you arrive. Technology means we can video call you during property inspections or send you photos and videos so you feel like you are there with us. Everything else is managed online via our software so you don’t miss a thing. So why not save your time and money that you’d spend on travel and leave it all to us!


If you love the real estate game and enjoy inspecting properties, you can go it alone on your home search and just use us to provide that local knowledge and advice. This is a more cost effective option for those who want more control over their home search. We will help you research and shortlist homes, but you’ll inspect them on your own. We are still more than happy to help with your application and lease/contract of sale if required and leave the entry condition report to you. We will also connect your utilities so that you have one less to do item on your moving list.

Get the kids settled first

This settling in support is solely for families and to ensure the kids are settled in quickly. It is a combination of our Get Settled and School Search services in an abridged form that focuses on what your kids need.

From the important needs like health professionals and specialists or dietary requirements, where you need to purchase food not found in your local grocery store, to the fun things like the best indoor and outdoor play centres or local playgrounds and child networking groups. We will also assist you with local sporting and interest clubs and even the child friendly cafes and restaurants.

Why not bring the kids along to experience some of the fun things during this whole day out with our relocation consultant. After the daycare/kindy/school/uni/college visits there will plenty of fun and adventure as you explore your new location.

Getting your things there saftely

As a one stop shop, EV can arrange your removals at a competitive price.  Whether you choose to go with our removals partners Whybirds Removals or get three independent quotes, we can arrange all this for you.   It’s one less thing you have to do at such as busy time.

We can do it all… if you need!

We understand there is so much to do when you move and that’s why we have a network of reliable partners, who we use to get everything you need done.  Whether it is relocating your pet, hiring furniture or booking temporary accommodation and travel.  We can also arrange those nice to have touches such an initial grocery shop or gift basket in your accommodation for when you arrive.

Continued relocation support from
your local who knows!

Moving home is one of the most stressful events in life, and if you have moved countries it can be even worse.  Once you arrive at your new home the next hurdle can be finding your way around and everything you need.


Our Get Settled service ensures you settle into your new location and get back to the normal routine of life much quicker.  Getting back to normal routine helps minimize the stress of your move, which is what we are all about!

You may have questions like:

  • What’s the best local doctor for me?
  • Where are the chemists that are open after 8pm?
  • Where can I take the kids on the weekend to get them out of the house?
  • How and where do I catch the bus from?
  • Is there a gym that does body balance classes?
  • What’s the quickest route from my home to my work?
  • I need to get a local drivers licence, what do I do?
  • What networks and support groups are there to help me meet new people?

You will spend a day with a local (our relocation consultant) so you too start to feel like a local. They will show you the things that you need to know, and even those things you may not even realise you needed to know.  You’ll also get to enjoy lunch and refreshments at one of the best local restaurant and/or café on us.


Getting to know your local!

EV orientation will help you for your local area.  It includes finding your new local supermarket, school, transport, beach, gym, doctor or coffee hit.

You may know the location or area you are moving to, but still have a question about which is the best suburb for your family to live in, is that suburb in your budget or which suburb has better access to public transport?

EV will show all the things that matter to you in your new location and take the stress out of that difficult decision about where exactly to settle.

Get ready to spend an enjoyable day with a local (our relocation consultant) as they show you around their backyard, and most importantly, point out the things that you want to know to make a decision.   You’ll also get to enjoy lunch and refreshments at local restaurants and cafes that may one day become your favourite go to spot!