Valet Unpacking before your arrival.

Home Search On Your Behalf (up to 5 hours)

Can't attend the home viewing in person?  We are able to view properties on your behalf.

Home Search On Your Behalf is ideally suited for clients relocating or for individuals who are unable to attend property inspections in person or just do not have the time to search for a rental property.  Our consultants will obtain an extensive wish-list from you, forward a list of suitable properties, view them on your behalf and assist with all aspects of negotiation and submitting the lease application. Any additional services can be requested and charged at an hourly rate.

Finding a home on your behalf:

The majority of our clients choose to secure short term accommodation on arrival into Perth. This allows them to view properties and particular areas prior to securing a long term lease. However, there are some exceptions and we can certainly view and apply for properties on your behalf should you require the property before you arrive.

  • Local orientation tour including housing styles, local amenities and schools
  • Suburb profile of selected areas
  • Obtaining your “wish-list” of priorities for the property you are seeking
  • Sourcing, and preparing a short-list of properties we believe are suitable for you
  • Arranging private property inspections or home viewings
  • Accompanying you to inspect each property, or attending home inspections on your behalf (travel time charged)
  • Assistance with completion of tenancy applications (including tips on how to apply for a property in Istanbul)
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of the lease with the leasing agent and submission of application
  • Free utilities connection
  • Istanbul welcome pack, including map and useful links
  • Return to your accommodation
  • On-going support post-relocation, by telephone and email

Additional Service, Valet Unpacking

We can engage a consultant to take delivery of your container.  After your items arrive at the property and is unpacked onto a flat service, we can engage the services of an experienced team who attend to all your unpacking needs.

Your house is transformed into a comfortable, functional home in just one day. 

Home Search - Accompanied (up to 5 hours)

Accompanied Home Search is ideally suited for those who would like to secure a property within the first few weeks of arrival.  Our consultants will obtain an extensive wish-list of the property you are seeking, we will source and forward a list of suitable properties, view them with you and assist with all aspects of submitting the lease application.

Allow us to secure a rental property before you arrive in Istanbul

We also provide many additional services that may assist with your move.

  • Airport welcome and transfers
  • Furniture leasing
  • Starter packs - bed, bath, kitchen & laundry
  • Home style meals delivered to your short term accommodation
  • Home contents and car insurance
  • Purchasing a car
  • Licence transfers
  • Take receipt of your removal container
  • Valet packing or unpacking

Essential Grocery Items at your stay before your arrival.

We are here for you at every step of the way

All additional services can be requested and charged at an hourly rate + cost of service

Any additional services can be requested and charged at an hourly rate.

Additional Service, Essential Grocery Items 

When you arrive in Istanbul, the last thing on your mind is shopping for groceries.  We can organise for key grocery items to be delivered to your temporary accommodation prior to your arrival and your permanent residence on the day of your move.  All you have to do is relax.

Additional services can be requested and charged at an hourly rate.